Kronos official announcement: Ataway, the only partner in China!

On July 22, Kronos (UKG) officially announced the adjustment of its business model in mainland China to focus more on providing support to existing customers. At the same time, it declared: This change will not affect customer expectations or the level of service they are enjoying. All future customer support services (including maintaining existing solutions and future implementations) in the Chinese market will be conducted by unified management Kronos Asia Pacific headquarters (after the merger of Kronos and Ultimate, it has now been renamed UKG, Ultimate Kronos Group). As soon as the news came out, there was a variety of speculations and rumors that Kronos would withdraw from the Chinese market and no longer provide services for Chinese customers.

As a pioneer and leader in global workforce management having more than 22,000 customers in over 100 countries and regions, Kronos has been adhering to the global principles of corporate social responsibility and establishing trust with customers for more than 40 years. To quell rumors and speculation, Kronos (UKG) Asia Pacific office announced to all customers in China one month later that Ataway would be Kronos’ (UKG) only officially designated partner in China and all that Kronos’ (UKG) services in China would be available through Ataway.

*Mail from Kronos (UKG) Asia Pacific Office to customers in Greater China

In addition, the email reinforced the Ataway’s service capabilities and quality!

“The projects delivered by Ataway are of high quality and it has multilingual consultants with global business capabilities, which  meet the needs of Kronos (UKG) local and multinational customers in China.”

At this point, Kronos (UKG)’s  official business and services agent in Mainland China was finally settled, providing a reassurance for Chinese customers.

The next day, Jean-Michel, Ataway’s CEO, who has been living in Beijing for a long time, said:

“We thank Kronos (UKG) for its high recognition of our team and entrusting such an important mission to us. As an enterprise with over 14 years of development in China, Ataway has the confidence and ability to continue to uphold Kronos (UKG) standards through localized services in China and provide sustainable support to all of Kronos’ Chinese customers’ businesses and services in order to help them pursue higher business standards.”

Since Ataway became Kronos (UKG) global preferred agent in 2015, it has participated in the in-depth cooperation of many projects in various industries by providing high-quality professional service, which has not only been praised by customers, markets and Kronos (UKG) officials, but also gained excellent reputation among users worldwide. Currently, Ataway’s business covers 15 countries and regions around the world.

Now, with the implementation of Kronos (UKG) Greater China business and several former Kronos China senior service team members joining the team (including customer service director Mr. Lin Song (Eric) and senior service architect Ms. Kang Lingling (Jess)) Ataway will better inherit the “Kronos (UKG) standard” in the field of labor management to continue to extend the value and accelerate innovation.

Over the past 14 years, Ataway has been committed to the ongoing development of the Chinese market, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hong Kong and other places, and has become the preferred partner of Kronos (UKG), Oracle, SAP, Automation Anywhere and other world-renowned enterprise solution providers.

In the future, as of Kronos (UKG)’s only official partner in China, Ataway will focus on Kronos (UKG) products (including Workforce Central, Workforce Dimension) to provide more multiple and flexible solutions for local and multinational customers in China, and abide by Kronos (UKG) service standards so that Kronos (UKG) quality will continue to be carried forward in China.

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About Ataway

Founded in 2000 in Paris, France, Ataway is a continuously expanding and dynamic global consulting company. We have 19 branches and over 450 professional consultants around the world. The core team members come from Oracle, SAP and the Big Four consulting companies. We focus on providing professional corporate management consulting to global customers and helping companies achieve excellent management and pursuit.

Our business covers background processes (finance, human resources, payroll, procurement and supply chain), user experience and campus solutions for higher education. Since the establishment, we have carried out consulting projects in more than 35 countries and have become a favored partner of world-renowned companies such as Unilever, Carrefour, Tesco, Ford, Standard Chartered Bank, and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. We provide full-process services, including process redesign, implementation, global scheduling, core system design, update, support, training, maintenance and other enterprise management.